Gifts for the Pregnant Mom

Having a baby, especially your first baby is a huge and life changing event. If you know someone who is recently pregnant or expecting soon, here are some great gift ideas that maybe you haven’t thought of yet. You can also store these away if you ever start a family of your own.


  • Plan a Maternity Photo Shoot

They are going to want the ability to look back at something and remember the long nine or so months of hormones, pain, and suffering they endured in order to be rewarded the gift of life. Plan a photoshoot for/with her. You could try to do multiple shoots to document her progress along the way, or wait for her to reach a nice comfortable level of pregnancy and then take the pictures. It’s probably best to not surprise her here, and plan it out with her, just be clear that you are paying, so she can have whatever she want!


  • Treat her to fancy Maternity Wear

One of the more common complaints from expecting mommies is the fashion choices. They don’t have a lot of stylish maternity wear, but it does exist. Make it your mission to make her look and feel good by finding some nice maternity wear that she likes. In the early stages, you could probably find something at Eddie Bauer or similar high end stores. Once she starts to develope a bigger baby bump, you’ll need to visit specialty stores. Here you can probably get her an added gift of a nice feeding bra. There are a lot of possibilities, so spend some quality time together and get exactly what is right.


  • Form Fitting Body Pillow

Once the baby starts developing and getting bigger, it’s going to be harder and harder for mom to relax and be comfortable. A good way to help with this problem is to get a form fitting body pillow that she can manipulate into many different shapes and sizes. This will come in especially handy in the later months when the baby is almost fully developed.


  • Regular Massage Appointments

Walking around regularly, without a big baby belly is hard enough, imagine the extra weight. Find somewhere that specializes in feet and leg massages, and get her a package. Maybe every week, every two weeks… whatever you can afford, she’ll surely appreciate it. Buy a bottle of massage oil and do it yourself for her sometimes if she’s between appointments. Being pregnant is murder on the feet.


  • Post-Pregnancy Celebrations

Having a baby is a huge life event. Maybe she had the most amazing baby shower already, but now that the baby is out, and mom is recovering, plan some celebrations. Start late enough that people can see the baby but make sure not to overwhelm it. Also, plan some celebration events specifically for mom. Take her shopping for normal clothes again, buy her an alcoholic drink, and maybe even take her to an amusement park! Find something that she has genuinely missed over her pregnancy and take her to do it!