Have your own gym at home with the proper gym equipment

You have one hour to go to the gym, and so is there anything better than to actually be able to do home gym? When you go to the gym – tired – the same mirror, the same music, the turnstile, it irritates. You even like exercising you miss when you do not mesh (see if you’ve reached the ideal weight). But you got sick of the environment. Do not think you are alone: ​​there are many people on the same team and to solve end the problem it is easier than you think. Riding home a personalized fitness space – your home gym – is possible and cheaper than you think. But considering that you already know to train alone and have enough experience to avoid injury caused by exaggeration or by crook exercises done, it is important to pay attention in a number of details when creating the space.

Some tips on how to have your own home gym

Just remember that for all these efforts to work, a feature is required: discipline. After all, you will not have any teacher to give that push (often necessary) to overcome laziness (see full series to do at home). Convinced? So get ready to follow our checklist. (You can find more tips here.)

Site selection for the home gym – Space for exercise needs to be well ventilated and have a great lighting, whether natural or artificial. As during exercise forced over our breathing capacity, just swapping and absorbing more air, so exercising in a polluted place means infesting your lungs with mites and other impurities.

Floor – forget the carpet or carpet padding, which can take smell (do not forget you will sweat quite a lot there) and get impregnated with dust mites. Prefer the rubberized that are easy to clean, do not let your foot skid and cushion the impact of exercise.

Walls – opt for a light color, which does not tire the view. Place mirrors and supports for the fitness equipment.

Cleaning –  should be done daily, even if you only work out three times a week. Also avoid cleaning the fitness equipment  with products that leave strong smell, which can cause allergies and even poisoning.

The fitness equipment

The important thing is to choose quality fitness equipment and preferably rely on a personal spreadsheets to create exercises and monitor the development of those who work out. Do research before seeking to know the warranty, service, price and quality of each brand in the fitness market. The monthly fee for a private tutor can even out cheaper than the academy plan.

The bottom line

Do not be shy about asking for tips to some instructor. He certainly has solutions for those little problems that appear out of nowhere. Anyway, there are simple rules that can help in the first purchases: If you try to control the weight, look for exercise testing devices such as bikes and treadmills. To define the muscles and combat sagging, prefer clusters fitness equipment , that let you work multiple muscle groups.

Then you should make a list of the fitness equipment required to exercise the major muscle groups and to develop physical fitness. It is not so much!

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