What’s The Best Mattress Based on Your Sleep Position?

What’s The Best Mattress Based on Your Sleep Position

Everybody needs the best mattresses in order for them to get a good night sleep.  Your sleep can, however, be interfered with if you do not get the right mattress based on your sleeping position. Every sleeping position requires a different kind of mattress.

Here are some of the sleeping positions and the best mattress for them.

Best mattresses and pillows

Side sleeping

This is the most common sleeping position. People who sleep on this position require a mattress that does not put stress on their shoulders. People who sleep on this position require more support for their neck so that they do not strain during sleep.  When sleeping in this position you can also place a pillow between your knees.

This helps to keep your hips aligned. Improper alignment of the hips can cause muscle and nerve pain. Side sleepers should use slightly softer mattresses so that they can sink to form a natural curve.

What’s The Best Mattress Based on Your Sleep Position

Back sleeping

People who sleep on this position require support for their lower back. Mattresses that have an extra support in the middle are the best for this kind of sleep position. Also checkout our top article here. Back sleepers should avoid stiff mattresses since they do not provide the natural curve of the spine. A mattress that is too soft will also not provide the best support for the body weight.

A pillow for this position should provide a natural curve for the spine. The height of the pillow should be lower than that of side sleepers.

Stomach sleepers

People who sleep in this position are likely to experience back pain and therefore need a good mattress for the position. Turning their head in order for them to breathe properly changes the alignment of the spine and therefore, a best mattress and pillow are crucial. In the end visit this link:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/02/08/buying-guide-mattress-for-your-sleep-style_n_1263953.html here. This position requires a position that is not sunken.

A pillow that supports the stomach is also important especially for pregnant women who experience tummy pain the pillow gives a complete support of the body. The pillow should be relatively flat or rest the head directly on the mattress so that the neck is not strained.

Firmer and stiffer mattresses are recommended for this position.

All sides’ sleepers

Most people fall into this category where there is a lot of movement during sleep and change of sleep positions. For this type of sleepers, comfort is key and should, therefore, look for a mattress that accommodates all the sleep positions.  What to choose;

  • The recommended mattresses for this position are those with latex for or those that have innerspring pocket coils.
  • The pillows should be able to accommodate the various sleeping positions. It should have a higher are for side sleepers and lower areas for back sleeping.
  • A single pillow for all the position may not be recommended since it is hard for it to fit in for all the positions.

No matter how you sleep comfort during sleep is key in order to avoid disrupted sleep patterns.  Do a good research in order to buy the best mattress for your sleep position.

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